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School Closure Notification

Very occasionally (severe weather or public emergency) it may be necessary for our school to close. Any such decision is never taken lightly and we always make every attempt to keep the school open.

Severe weather would usually be the reason for any closure after careful assessment of the safety risks to our school community. Many staff do not live within a reasonable walking distance, and they may be unable to travel to school. We need to ensure all utilities and facilities are working and that access to the site is safely available to all.

If at any time the decision is taken for the school to be closed, we will place clear wording, including "SCHOOL CLOSED" on the home page of the school website https://www.flamsteadend.herts.sch.uk/ This will be the main method of communicating with you that the school is closed. We will also send a message out via Arbor, so please ensure you keep your details up to date and enable push notifications if you have the App installed on your smart phone.

Please do not telephone the school in the event of severe weather etc. School office staff will be redirected to assist with requirements in these events and the telephone is unlikely to be answered.

Where possible we will make a decision and notify you the night before closure. 

Parents/carers should check from the above options - if they do not say the school is closed then it will be OPEN and we will expect pupils to attend as normal.

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