Anti Bullying

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What is an Anti-bullying ambassador?

Anti-bullying ambassadors are children trained to listen to children that are being bullied and make sure the problem is solved.

Who are the Anti-bullying ambassadors for?

Any student in the school can speak to an Anti-bullying ambassador; no matter who that child is or what year group they are in.

How many Anti-bullying ambassadors are there and how are they elected?

In each class there are two Anti-bullying ambassadors. This is so there are multiple people children can go to so they are more comfortable speaking to that person. All children wishing to become an Anti-bullying ambassador will need to write a letter to the Headteacher (Miss Baker) about why they wish to become an Anti-bullying ambassador and their qualities. They will then be selected and the ones that were unable to get the position of Anti-bullying ambassador will become Wellbeing ambassadors.

How to recognise an Anti-bullying ambassador

If you are indoors, you will see them wearing a yellow badge in the shape of a shield with the words Anti-bullying ambassador on it. Though if you are outdoors, it will often be covered by a coat. To help spot them during breaks, Anti-bullying ambassadors wear a hi vis jacket with the Flamstead End School logo on the front and the words Anti- bullying ambassador on the back.

What does an Anti-bullying ambassador do?

If a child feels as if they are being bullied, they can come to an Anti-bullying ambassador. They will take the child to a private place and the child will tell them exactly what has happened, the Anti-bullying ambassador will listen and at the end give advice. The Anti-bullying ambassador will then go to hear the other child's side of the story. It is then their job to inform a member of staff about the situation. Every few weeks all of the Anti-bullying ambassadors meet up with the Headteacher (Miss Baker) and will discuss what has gone on and ways to help children feel more comfortable reporting bullying etc. They are also constantly on the lookout for any signs of bullying.

What training do Anti-bullying ambassadors receive?

Anti-bullying ambassadors meet up with Miss Baker for training every few weeks. Training involves knowing exactly what bullying is and what to do if someone reports bullying. Also, they will go on trips to other schools such as Goffs Academy and Goffs Churchgate. There they will meet up with other Anti-bullying ambassadors and receive more training, they will also participate in activities such as making posters about what bullying is and why it is bad.

All Anti-bullying ambassadors know the effects of bullying and are constantly on a mission to make it stop.

Leyla Mani

Year Six Anti-Bullying Ambassador


Bullying is extremely rare at Flamstead End, however if you are concerned about possible bullying please do contact the school

We work really hard with our community to help everyone understand what bullying actually is. Please see the resources below which may be of interest

Anti-Bullying Week 2024: Choose Respect (