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In Maths children will be assessed against criteria based upon age related expectations. Please find below the age related expectations for a child in Year 3. For more information click here.

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Spelling Expectations: Year 3 Common Exception Words

Year 3 Blog - Autumn 2022

Welcome to the Year 3 Autumn term blog.

Please click here to see more of our photos from Y3. 

In our Geography lessons we have been reading about Eddie and his tent so today we took our own tent to find the best place to put it on our field. 

Turtle class finding a campsite

We have also been working hard in English to develop our knowledge of fables. We have looked at the features, identified them and are preparing to write our own.

In our Science lessons we carried out our own investigation to find out how different things move on a variety of surfaces. 

In Geography this week we have been using the index in our atlas to find coastal towns.

Finding coastal towns  Finding coastal towns 2

In our English lessons we are enjoying looking at poetry and writing some of our own.

We have been completing our  watercolour Seascapes that are in the style of JMW Turner. We also painted colour wheels.


Colourwheel  Turner seascapes 2Turner seascapes

We began the new half term with a visit from Catherine who came from Epping Forest Museum to share artefacts and information about the Stone Age in the Lee Valley. It was a great way to start our new history topic.

Catherine and her timeline   Stone age mammoth tooth  Stone age red deer antler

We have our started our DT topic - Stone Age fashion and today we made the patterns for our Stone Age tshirts. We pinned them to our piece of hessian. It was very tricky but we were very resilient.   

Livvies stone age tshirt pattern  Linas stone age tshirt pattern

Today we completed our Stone Age T-shirts and we are very happy with the finished products.

Stone age fashion 1 Stone age fashion 2


Year 3 Blog - Summer 2022

Images of our activities are available to view in our School Gallery. Click here to see more...

Tuesday, July 12th  Today Hero class completed their photo frames in their DT lesson.

Img 05791  Img 05781

Wednesday, July 6th This morning Hero class enjoyed a maths day shape hunt in our school grounds. We were so surprised by the amount of different shapes we found.

Hero shape hunt   Shape hunt George and Orsela

This week in year 3 we have enjoyed some collaborative writing.

Hero collaborative write joshuas and archie             Hero collaborative write georges group


This week we have begun our DT topic. We will be making photo frames and because they are free standing structures we challenged ourselves to make a free standing bridge and tried to make it hold as many cubes as possible. We worked out how to make paper stronger by folding, rolling and twisting it.

Hero mateo bridge 2Hero leila bridgeHero ella and bella bridge

Hero Cheshunt Park 4​Fieldwork  A walk in our local area

Hero class enjoyed a walk in the sunshine to Cheshunt Park. They followed a route set out on their maps and stopped at various points along the way to carry out a survey and make their sketches. Finally they enjoyed some well earned recreational time in the park. 


Sketch book 1In our Art lessons we have been looking at portraits and drawing our friends in various poses.

In our recent English topic, the children have worked hard to create poems about a 'special object'. In Penguin class, we decided to make that 'special object' the class mascot...Reggie the teddy! The children wrote poems about him, using descriptive techniques to describe their feelings towards him.

Here are two examples:



In Maths, Penguin Class have been looking at fractions. As part of a mid-topic revision lesson, children were asked to display some of what they have learnt on a poster. Here is an example:


Our Jubilee poetry and artwork...

Hero   Jubilee Poetry 

Click here to see more photos from around the school in the Jubilee 2022 gallery.

Hero  our Queen portraits in the style of Kehinde WileyHero mahirs portrait of the queen

Year 3 Blog - Spring term 2023

Welcome to our Year 3 blog!