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Year 1

Ms Suzanne Fletcher and Mrs Dawn Forrester

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See what we will be getting up to in this term by taking a look at our coverage document below. 

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In Maths children will be assessed against criteria based upon age related expectations. Please find below the age related expectations for a child in Year 1. For more information click here.

The Year 1 Learner - Maths

The Year 1 Reader

The Year 1 Writer

Spelling Expectations: Year 1 Common Exception Words

English in Year 1

In English this week the children are looking at traditional tales and have focussed on Little Red Riding Hood. The children have worked in pairs to sequence the story and then worked in groups of 4 to re-enact the story - they were all fabulous!


Computing in Year 1

In computing this half term the children are looking at animation! They have been introduced to the program Scratch and have been learning how to move the cat sprite. This week the children's task was to complete an algorithm and then identify where the cat was nearest too.

Scratch 1Mikey working out where the cat is going to be.


Scratch 2Nancy working copying the algorithm to see where the cat is going to be.

Maths in Year 1

In maths this week the children have been counting forwards and backwards within 100. The children worked together to count objects by grouping them in 10s to make them easier to count.

Maths 1Children grouping objects into 10 to make it easier to count.

Matsh 2


On Wednesday 6th July, we had a maths morning. All the children spent 20 minutes with each teacher in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 completing different maths activities! They really enjoyed it! Find some more pictures in our gallery!



Maths day 1

Maths day 5

DT in Year 1

In DT this half term the children are making a fruit snack. They have tried different fruits and snacks from the shops and last week the children prepared fruit in different ways to make a layered fruit salad. Take a look at some of the children's fruit salads in the Year 1 gallery!


Dt 2Dt4


















This week in DT the children made their fruit snacks! Some children made fruit cups, fruit bags and some even made fruit biscuits!

Fruit cup 2Fruit bag 1

Year 1 Blog - Spring term 2023

Welcome to the Year 1 Spring term blog!

Easter cards

Have a look at our Easter cards in the gallery!

Img e5790



Our Geography topic this half term is our local area. On Monday 20th January we went on a walk around the local area to look at the different features and why they are important. The children also posted their letters to their parents explaining what we have been doing in Geography. Have a look at some photos of our trip!

Img 5752


In Science, we have been looking at seasonal changes. The children have made wind socks using plastic bottles and ribbon to help them tell the direction of the wind. Hvae a look at some of them in the gallery.

Img 5627


Science week!

On Tuesday 7th March, the children took part in science week, where the theme was connections. They paired up with Year 5 Emperor Penguin class to complete the task. They had to build a bridge that could hold various weights. They worked in groups of 4 and only had blocks, tape and paper to make their bridges! Some bridges were able to hold 1.5kg!!! Have a look at some other bridges in the gallery!

Img 5695


Week commencing 30th January - Storytelling week

During storytelling week, Jolly Jungle class was paired with Emperor Penguin class to share books together. Children from Emperor Penguin read an extract from their reading book and then they shared a picture book with the children from Jolly Jungle class. The children really enjoyed sharing their books and commented on how they would love to do it again! Check out our Year 1 gallery for more pictures!

Img 5521


Year 1 Blog - Summer term 2023

Welcome to the summer term!

At Flamstead End, the summer term is always our favourite term, because we can do lots of learning outside (weather permitting).

This term, in Year One, we are looking forward to learning all about plants and trees for our science unit. This gives us a perfect opportunity to go wild flower and tree spotting in the grounds around the school.

In history, this term, we are learning about significant kings and queens and famous castles that were built and utilised during their reign.

With this in mind, On May 24th, we are all very excited to visit Mountfitchet castle for the day.

In art, we are looking at sculptures, be prepared for a fine piece of art coming home for your viewing pleasure.

In the second part of the term, we are learning about arable, dairy and livestock farms, with a particular focus on where our food comes from. Over the coming term, could you look at fruit and vegetable wrappers and their places of origin together?

This year we have made great strides in our reading and writing skills. I am extremely proud of all the children’s effort and hard work.  I know that you were all very impressed when you came to view their books.

This term, we are going to be learning about traditional stories. It would be nice if you could share with your child some traditional stories that you know.

The King’s coronation is coming up shortly and the children are excited to have a picnic on the field and enjoy games and activities planned for the day. In class we are making sun catchers with King Charles profile; watch out for those in the class windows.

Click here to see our blog about the Coronation celebrations in Year 1. 

Mountfitchet Castle

On Wednesday 24th May, as part of our history topic of Kings and Queens, we visited Mountfitchet castle. The children explored the motte and bailey style castle, looking at the different aspects of it, in addition to feeding the peacocks, deer and goats! We also visited the toy museum too! Check out the gallery for more photos!

Img 6253Img 6305


In RE, we have looked at different special books for different religions. In one lesson the children made their own Torahs!

Img 6133Img 6132


Our topic this half term is 'moving a robot'. The children have been exploring beebots and how they move. They have learnt how to program a beebot and worked out how to program a beebot so it goes from a starting place to a finishing place. They also had to work out different routes to get from one place to another.


Img 5816Img 5823Img 5822Img 6141Img 6137



Our science topic this term is plants. Each group in the class has planted raddish, tomato and pea seeds and have been keeping a diary on how they are growing! 

Img 5838Img 5839

The children learnt parts and functions of a plant. In pairs, the children had to make a flower using objects in the classroom and then label the parts and functions.

Img 6125Img 6126Img 6127Img 6130

Coronation Celebrations!

In Year 1 we celebrated the coronation of King Charles III, by completing lots of royal activities, including making a Union Jack flag, stain glass window outline of King Charles III face, crowns and stamps!


Img 6083Jolly Jungle celebrating!

Img 6069Img 6072Img 6073



Year 1 Blog Autumn term 2023

Welcome to the Year 1 Autumn blog!

Please click here to see our homework grid for this term. 

Y1 bear hunt

The children in Year 1 have enjoyed reading the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. They went onto the field and acted out the story using all of the lovely descriptive language!

Year 1 Blog - Spring term 2024

Welcome to our Spring blog.