Back in time!

21st Oct 2022

This week two of our year groups have travelled back in time to see what life was like in the past. On Wednesday, Year 6 experienced life in the 1940s with History-off-the-Page.They discovered what to do in an air-raid and explored artefacts from the time. During their school session, two (volunteer!) children misbehaved and received a 'caning' from the teacher! 

Yesterday Y1 visited the British Schools Museum in Hitchin. They learnt what life was like for Victorian children and really enjoyed playing with a variety of toys, with not an electronic device in sight! They also experienced life in a Victorian school, but unfortunately one child was unable to answer how many farthings were in a pound, so ended up wearing a dunce's hat. Another had been reprimanded by the Master and had to go outside to be caned. The cries from outside the room were very convincing! The children joined in with great enthusiasm and had a fantastic day.