Year 5


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In maths children will be assessed against criteria based upon age related expectations. Please find below the age related expectations for a child in Year 5. For more information click here.

The Year 5 Learner - Maths

The Year 5 Reader

The Year 5 Writer

Spelling Expectations: Year 5 Common Exception Words

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Year 5 Blog - Spring Term 2023

Welcome to our Y5 Spring term blog! 

We recently took part in the Knex challenge. Click here to go to our class gallery to see more pictures of the workshop and our creations. 

The two winning entries will now be put forward across schools from Hertfordshire, Suffolk and Bedfordshire to be judges and 3 overall winners will be announced.

Emperor penguin winners

Img 1227

The children have worked really hard on their Monsterology unit of work, combining research, writing, computing and art skills. The Y5 parents were invited in to share all the amazing work the children produced! The written presentation shows how well they have applied their new handwriting skills - there were lots of comments from parents about how impressed they were! 

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Year 5 Blog - Summer term 2023

Welcome to the summer term!

Year 5 Blog Autumn term 2023

Welcome to the Year 5 Autumn blog!

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Y5 art


Y5 art 2

Children in Centaur class explored the work of Clementine Hunter in art today and focused on how she used line and shape in her art work. We later added colour using oil pastels.

Year 5 Blog - Spring term 2024

Welcome to our Spring blog. 


Children in Y5 have been working hard to design their own dragon eye sculptures in our latest art topic. Children have practised their drawing skills and have had a chance to develop their skills using clay. IMG 1235

Road Safety

On the 30th January, children in Y5 were treated to a visit from Reynold's Catering to learn about road safety and have the opportunity to sit inside one of Reynold's lorries. Children were very excited to get a chance to beep the horn and learn about the safety features of a lorry and what it would be like to drive one. 

Children also learned the importance of speed limits and how this can affect the stopping distance of vehicles and where are the safest places to cross the road. 

Y5 pupils look forward to completing activities for Children's Mental Health Week on Thursday 8th February. 

Children's Mental Health Week

Children enjoyed the Mental Health workshop on Thursday 8th February. Children took part in drama activities where they acted out different emotions and then created freeze frames of how they would respond in certain situations. 


Children have learned how to program a micro controller this half term using Crumble kit software and hardware. This has given them great opportunities to investigate how programming works and develop their problem solving skills.


This week, children in Year 5 completed their additive sculpture art project by creating their final dragon eye sculptures using air dry clay. The children designed their sculptures in their sketch books the previous week and used tools and toothpicks to carve patterns into the clay. 

All of the Y5 teachers are incredibly impressed and proud of the sculptures the children have created. Well done Pegasus and Centaur classes !

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