PC Dan Brutton visit

17th Apr 2024

The children were once again visited by local police officer Dan Brutton to help develop our work with the community.

PC Dan presented assemblies across the school with the juniors learning all about online safety and the strategies they need to remain safe online.

Over in the infants, PC Dan taught the children all about his job and the equipment he uses. Some of the children were even lucky enough to try out some of his equipment.

Img 3180

Img 3178

PC Dan even showed them how his handcuffs work by 'arresting' Mrs Smith!

Img 3173

PC Dan saved his best triks for last though by allwoing the reception and nursery children to learn all about his police car and let them climb inside the vehicle. He even gave them a blast from the police Siren.

Img 3189 

After a busy morning, PC Dan then joined the children for a school lunch where he had some great conversations about his work and all the other burning questions the children had to ask.

Img 3193