Reading for Pleasure workshop for parents

29th Jan 2024

Parents across the school attended a workshop where they could learn more about how they can develop their child's reading for pleasure.

Mr Wright was supported by a member of Hertsfordshire libraries and led discussions about:

1) What reading looks like.

2) What is reading for pleasure (RFP)?

3) Importance of RFP.

4)Things you can do to develop a RFP culture.

5) Getting the most out of libraries.


If you missed the workshop then the PPT from the meeting can be found below.


What can you do to develop your child's RFP?

•Read with your child daily. Make this sacred.

•Use the school and local library more and make use of the librarians/teacher/TA recommendations.

•Once a half term do the book mat task to introduce new authors.

•Read more children's books yourself.

•Have more informal conversations with children about the books they're reading.

•Remember 'The Rights of the Reader'.

Rights of the reader