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At Flamstead End we run the Smart School Council programme with a leading "Communications team" who drive forward school action projects.

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 Any child from the school, from Reception to Year 6, can take part in the smart school council model by runnning a class meeting or leading an action team project to manage an area of change.


What is a "Smart" school council ?

It is a group of students that have been chosen by pupils to represent them in meetings every two weeks. However, you may be wondering why this is different to previous years.  A weekly question is sent to teachers, then students discuss it together. Then, the results are tallied up and shared with the councillors. They then make the most popular option available for the school. Some questions they have already asked are: How to encourage reading and how to stop bullying. With a Communications team, pupils can share their passions and ideas to improve our school by using an action plan.

An action plan is a form that requires you to give information about your idea (what it is, who is helping you, the budget, etc) Once the form is completed, you can give it to one of the team and they will discuss it in their meeting and see if it is beneficial for our school. If it is, it will be made a reality. This way,anyone can get involved!

Some projects that others have started are: A talent show, a basketball team and a sign language club.The members of the Communications team have done an assembly all about themselves and what they do. The team is led by Miss Baker, our Headteacher.

We hope you enjoy what they are doing and what they will do in the future.

Shenaya Dissanayake (Year 6)


To find out more about how Smart School Council works visit their website:

Smart School Councils


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