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Year 5 School Tours - Students Applying for September 2023. Tours will take place at 9am, lasting for approximately 45 minutes. Bookings only, please contact our reception. 01992 629124 or admin@st-maryshigh.herts.sch.uk Tour Dates: https://t.co/k79hX2nfs3 https://t.co/oX6dqJ8Wfh
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St Marys High School
- May 23
Today I kicked off my County Lines tour in the Borough of Broxbourne @FlamsteadEndSch in Cheshunt. The year 4, 5 and 6 children were amazing! I love the way they listened, interacted and were so receptive to learning about things that are going to keep them safe. #countylines https://t.co/LYMqK61LJt
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Leo Powell
- May 21
School allocations for children starting primary school and transferring to junior or middle school in September 2022 have now been released. For more information on what you can do now, please visit https://t.co/60txh4Q9i6 #allocationday https://t.co/5ax8Dx5qnw
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Hertfordshire County Council
- April 20
Today is National Allocation day for Primary schools. We look forward to finding out who we will be welcoming in to Reception at Flamstead End in September, as well as supporting our children & familes moving on to new adventures at other schools. https://t.co/SKJ6RxvBed
@FlamsteadEndSch - April 19
Some fun activities for our little ones (and big ones I'm sure!) from BBC Tiny Happy People @bbc_thp https://t.co/ifppbNnKUb
@FlamsteadEndSch - April 15
It's Easter weekend! Join us in decorating some spring eggs with some colourful, speckled designs 🥚 🌷 You'll need: 💙 Recycled plastic bags 💚 Food dye 💜 Rice (you can eat it when you're done!) ❤️ Eggs Find the full activity: https://t.co/zg9SqlYJ1v https://t.co/AMsNm66ZRY
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Tate Kids
- April 15
@FlamsteadEndSch - April 1
The Nursery children enjoyed their annual bonnet parade around the school this week. They had a great time showing off their beautiful creations to the older children who clapped and cheered the children in and out the classes https://t.co/7E51Glbkqn
@FlamsteadEndSch - March 31
The 50 Things event tab is now live! Click on the tab to find activities, events and groups near you - many of which are free or low cost. To download the app visit https://t.co/KynJdegyhM https://t.co/G0hckElNSb
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HfL Early Years
- March 31
It was lovely that parents were able to pop in to classes at the end of the school day to see the exhibitions of characters created at home. What an amazing range of creative talents we have in our school. Here are some pictures for those of you couldn’t make it. https://t.co/XQUDowqMPq
@FlamsteadEndSch - March 3
The children have had a great day today spending time in their classes taking part in world book day activities such as live lessons from authors such as Michael Morpurgo. Thank you for your generosity in allowing your children to bring in books to swap.
@FlamsteadEndSch - March 3
Did you know... If you read just 1 book a day to a child, they will have read 1825 books by their 5th birthday! #WorldBookDay https://t.co/tj87S95lXd
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HfL Early Years
- March 3
Going to secondary school is an important step in building the foundations of a child’s future. Tomorrow, year 6 pupils across the country will find out which secondary school has offered them a place for September. Here's what parents need to know: https://t.co/5sH3Xxapfs
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Department for Education
- February 28
@kellalco We are glad you enjoyed it, thanks again for helping 🙂
@FlamsteadEndSch - February 22
Our Year 3 classes took part in a fun workshop exploring life in Roman Britain. The children took part in Roman art classes, danced to Roman music and leant about what it would have been like to live as a Roman. Thank you to our helpers, the children had a great day. https://t.co/zyRRxelVsa
@FlamsteadEndSch - February 22
In school this week.... the children in Year 1 have been learning about hinges and how they are used in houses for doors and windows. They have spent some time using this new knowledge to create their models of houses. https://t.co/Mc2smIAEUh
@FlamsteadEndSch - February 11
A few weeks ago Year 4 began looking at the work of artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh. After exploring media and experimenting with ideas they have created these beautiful stain glass windows https://t.co/liPSOWgCKC
@FlamsteadEndSch - February 3
NURSERY and PRESCHOOL SEPTEMBER 2022 Applications are now open, including our 30 hours provision. Nursery applications close midday 28th February 2022 Preschool applications close 17th April 2022 https://t.co/wHA7XrA1QF View our school https://t.co/XCPnu51rPN
@FlamsteadEndSch - January 28
In school this week... Our lovely Year 6 have been demonstraing their culinary skills. The air was filled with delicious aromas as they successfully created spring rolls. They really enjoyed this activity! https://t.co/7FcHjwCXV1
@FlamsteadEndSch - January 28
In school this week...the children in Nursery enjoyed exploring some new resources brought for us. They were able to take these interactive toys for a walk just by drawing lines, who knew that practising our pen grip and use could be so much fun! https://t.co/pcBtVvmTVL
@FlamsteadEndSch - January 22
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