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Buddies of Flamstead End - PTA

Welcome to Buddies of Flamstead End!  At Buddies, we're all about coming together to make our school community even better. We're a friendly group of parents and staff, and we're thrilled to have you with us. 

Our goal is simple – we want to create a warm & inclusive environment, while having some fun and raising a bit of money for our school along the way. 

The best part? There are no strings attached! You don't need any special qualifications to join us, and you definitely don't have to attend every event or meeting! Life can get busy, and we get that. So we just ask you to hop in when you can and share your ideas with us. Our gatherings are far from stuffy. They're relaxed, informal get-togethers that also meet our charity requirements. You're welcome to pop into the meetings that fit your schedule – no pressure! 

Your support and enthusiasm are what really matter to us. What's in store at Buddies at Flamstead End? Well, we have some fantastic events lined up throughout the year, and you're invited to join in whenever you'd like. To stay in the loop about what's happening, check out our events & more info below If you want to share your thoughts, lend a hand, or have any questions, we'd love to hear from you. Let's make our school community even better together! Join us at Buddies and let's create great memories while supporting our children and school along the way.

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Upcoming Events

Cookie Sale - Friday 24th May 2024  - For Information please click here 

Male Gift Sale - Friday 14th June 2024 - For information please click here

Summer Fair - Saturday 29th June 2024 - For information please click here

Summer Raffle - Monday 1st July 2024 - For information please click here