The Big School Bird Watch

Nursery took part in the Big Bird Watch and gave their results to Miss Richardson to send to the RSPB as part of their campaign to find out which birds are found in our towns, cities and countryside. They made bird cakes from seed, raisins and lard to hang out to see if that would attract any small birds. They noted down the types of birds that visited their bird boxes as well as the ones in the school trees. They spotted larger birds such as; seagulls, crows and pigeons sitting on roof tops and flying in the sky. They also spotted a more friendly bird quacking at them to pay him a visit. Click on the images below to see more...
Nursery Bird Watch (3) Nursery Bird Watch (2)
Class 2 DC
Year 2 Bird watching (2) Year 2 Bird watching (1)

The Big Schools’ Birdwatch aims to inspire children to care about nature.  For more information visit the RSPB website

Flamstead End Big Schools' Bird Watch Results. 
Bird Watch Results 2018

The graph compares 2018  to  2017 results.

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