Year 1

Ms Suzanne Fletcher and Miss Katy Lord




In art, the children have been looking at colour mixing. We discussed how to make light and dark shades. The children were able to identify that we add white to a colour to make it lighter, and the more we add the lighter the colour and that if we wanted to make a colour darker we add black. The children had palettes to practise making different shades and used their colours to paint different shapes. We then joined all the children’s work together to create one big piece! 
Y1 Art

In PSHE the children have been looking at belonging to different groups, e.g. family, friends, class. They learnt a song about this, called THE BUSY BEES SONG

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Reception (1)

Coverage Autumn Term 2021

Curriculum Meeting  PowerPoint Autumn Term 2021

In Maths children will be assessed against criteria based upon age related expectations. Please find below the age related expectations for a child in Year 1. For more information click here.

The Year 1 Learner -Maths

The Year 1 Reader

The Year 1 Writer

Spelling Expectations Year 1 Common Exception Words


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