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Chinese New Year Jan 17 (2) The Year Of The Rooster.
On Friday 27th January, the children across the school took part in lots of different activities about Chinese New Year with focus on the year of the Rooster. Here are just a few examples of some of the completed artwork. Visit our Image Gallery to see more...
Chinese New Year Jan 17 (3)
2DC RE Special places 22 (5)

Class 2DC having been looking at different places and why some places are special to different people.

They asked themselves 'What makes a place special?'

They then built their own places of worship to help recognise the special places of people from different religions.



2DC RE Special places 22 (4)
2DC RE Special places 22 (3) 2DC RE Special places 22 (2) 2DC RE Special places 22 (1)

In Year 4 we have been looking at Diwali (the festival of light) during our RE topic on Hinduism; we made Diva lamps using clay and decorated them with paint and sequins. We also made a wick using cotton wool and Ghee.  To see more images please click here...

Diwali Year 4 (7) (600 x 600)  

YEAR 5 - Mezuzah


Year 5 have been studying the religious faith of Judaism and have looked at its many different aspects such as religious festivals, rules that Jews follow and religious items.  One item that we have focused on is the Mezuzah - its use and where it is found in a Jewish home.  The children created their own and placed within it a wish for their family.

Year 5 Mezuzah (2) (600 x 450) Year 5 Mezuzah (1) (600 x 450)

Curriculum Policies

The curriculum policies outline the teaching, organisation and management of subjects taught and learnt at Flamstead End School.

The policies have been drawn up as a result of staff discussion and have the full agreement of the Governing Body. The implementation of these policies is the responsibility of all teaching staff. The responsibility for monitoring and review rests with the co-ordinator of each curriculum subject.

The following policies will be reviewed on publication of the new National Curriculum.

Name Date  
RE (A) Policy Review Spring 2020 22nd Jan 2018 Download