A Vision for RE

Flamstead End Primary and Nursery school is a multi-faith school and we offer a rich and varied curriculum to reflect this. Our aim is for our children to leave Year 6 with a good knowledge and understanding of the six main world religions and beliefs of others. We want our children to be tolerant of others and to learn to respect and ask questions about different religions, traditions and cultures around the world. Across the school year, we aim to make R.E relevant by studying and celebrating real events, from holding a whole school RE days, learning about Saints days in assemblies or exploring real artefacts from a focussed religion during lessons. In order to immerse children in the understanding of the subject, our children will exhibit their learning and understanding of Religious Education in many ways, from dance, creativity, writing and role-play.


Across our school Religious Education, lessons will give children opportunities to …

  • Enquire and ask questions to impact their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
  • Build on their identity and belonging within their community and in a diverse society.
  • Experience a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • Promote respectful attitudes.
  • Open their minds and widen their horizons.
  • Handle a range of artefacts related to the religion that they are studying.
  • Have visitors share their knowledge and visit, where possible, a religious place of worship.


RE Day.

Year 1 learned about Hinduism and looked at Mandalas and the various ways they are made. They coloured Mandalas in and learnt how to create and draw their own Mandala. RE Y1 (3)
In preparation for Key stage 2. Year 2 worked in groups to research the six main world religions. They found out about religious buildings, festivals and religious books. They enjoyed becoming experts and feeding back to the rest of the class all that they found out. RE Y2 (1)
Year 3 enjoyed looking art Islamic art and creating their own art work. RE Day Y3 (1)
Year 4 looked at Rangoli patterns used in Hinduism and created their own Rangoli pattern.  Y 4 RE day (2)
Year 5 retold the Jewish story of Esther and then children made and played the dreidl game and then they made stained glass windows to represent something meaningful in their lives. RE Y5 (4)

Class 6IB were investigating which countries have the highest Buddhist population (by percentage of the population) and then labelled them on a map.


RE Y6 (1)


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