Modern Foreign Languages


A Vision for MFL

Learning another language gives children the valuable opportunity to develop positive attitudes to and respect for languages and cultures other than their own. The aim is to foster pupils’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of both the world around them and their own language. Children will be able to acquire and develop language skills, using what they have learned in a range of contexts with increasing competence and confidence.

MFL is good when:

  • Children develop a positive attitude to and respect for cultures and languages other than their own.
  • Children develop a curiosity and deeper understanding of the world around them.
  • Children can listen attentively to spoken language and show understanding by joining in and responding.
  • Children are able to engage in conversations; ask and answer questions; express opinions and respond to those of others.
  • Children can read carefully and show understanding of words, phrases and simple writing.


At Flamstead End we have many children for whom English is their 2nd language. We celebrate a different language each half term with a display in the Hall. On the display is some information about the countries where the language is spoken and its location in the World. There are also some facts and some useful words and phrases for children to use.

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