History Curriculum Website Links





www.vam.ac.uk The Victoria and Albert Museum better known as The V&A.

www.bl.uk/timeline A fantastic site with lots of information about all areas of history. It also has an interactive timeline. Just click on the time period that you are interested in.

www.history-timelines.org.uk/people-timelines/index.htm This site contains timelines of famous people throughout history. Aimed mostly at upper key stage 2.

www.historyonthenet.com/Lessons/chronology/chronologymain.htm This is a great assessment activity on chronology. Mainly aimed at year 6.



Curriculum Policies

The curriculum policies outline the teaching, organisation and management of subjects taught and learnt at Flamstead End School.

The policies have been drawn up as a result of staff discussion and have the full agreement of the Governing Body. The implementation of these policies is the responsibility of all teaching staff. The responsibility for monitoring and review rests with the co-ordinator of each curriculum subject.

The following policies will be reviewed on publication of the new National Curriculum.


Name Date  
History (A) Policy 5th Apr 2019 Download
History (B) Early Years and KS1 Overview 5th Nov 2015 Download
History (C) KS2 Overview 4th Sep 2017 Download