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Geography Vision Statement
geo_001 (600 x 421)

Geography Quality Mark Award Bronze level.

Geography 4KL (2)

4KL Class Display. World Climate Zones.


Year 4 boards (Geo) (3)

Class 4KL

Year 4 boards (Geo) (2)

Class 4CW

A project to represent photographs and information for every square kilometre of Great Britain and Ireland. 

Ordnance Survey general maps.

Street maps.

Loads of free maps of the world see it is really exciting.

A photo gallery covering topics such as landscape and geology, places and travel, animals and plants, history and war, work and everyday life and science and...

National Geographic provides free maps, photos , videos and daily news stories, as well as articles and features about animals, the environment, cultures, history etc.

The Website for the 15 members of the National Parks family.

Explore the World -  A journey that takes you all over the world.

As part of Worldwise Week Year 2 had a lovely afternoon looking at food labels that they had brought into school and finding the countries that the food was produced in. They used the index in their atlases and then found the countries on world maps.  They had kiwis from New Zealand, tea from India, apples from South Africa, pineapples from Costa Rica and lemons from Spain - to  name but a few! The children loved it! Where has the food in your home travelled from?
In Year 3 we have been looking at where food comes from.  We created posters showing the implications of having food transported from different countries in order to have them all year round. Year 3XP WW Geography week (1) (450 x 600)


Curriculum Policies

The curriculum policies outline the teaching, organisation and management of subjects taught and learnt at Flamstead End School.

The policies have been drawn up as a result of staff discussion and have the full agreement of the Governing Body. The implementation of these policies is the responsibility of all teaching staff. The responsibility for monitoring and review rests with the co-ordinator of each curriculum subject.

The following policies will be reviewed on publication of the new National Curriculum.

Name Date  
Geography (A) Policy Review Summer 2019 15th May 2017 Download
Geography (B) Foundation & KS1 Curriculu... 14th May 2017 Download
Geography (C) Benchmarks 6th Jan 2015 Download
Geography (D) - Inexpensive Ways to Help... 4th Sep 2017 Download
Geography (E) KS2 Curriculum Plan 14th May 2017 Download