School Council

We have a School Council who meet with Senior Members of Staff, and The Pupil Welfare/Safeguarding Governor at least twice each half term to discuss their ideas of how the school could be improved. 

Mrs Carter

Year 4 Class Teacher (Mon-Wed)

Geography Leader

Carole Howell

Pupil Welfare Governor

Natalie Howard

Pupil Support Manager

There are two representatives from each class from Years 2-6.  


Next meetings:  



Members of the School Council

Year 6

6OH  Gael & Florence

6SR   Max & Ruby   

Year 3

3CW   Callum & Kaliah

3LM    George & Lily-Belle 

Year 5

5SW  Oliver & Adelaide

5CS   Eric & Lilly

Year 2

2DC    Harry & Caitlin

2LW    Josef & Lexi-Mai 

Year 4

4CM  Toby & Lois

4CW  Oscar & Riya



School's Council Minutes 2019/20

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