School Council

We have a School Council who meet with Senior Members of Staff, and The Pupil Welfare/Safeguarding Governor at least twice each half term to discuss their ideas of how the school could be improved. 

Mrs Carter

Year 4 Class Teacher (Mon-Wed)

Geography Leader

Carole Howell

Pupil Welfare Governor

Natalie Howard Pupil Support Manager

There are two representatives from each class from Years 2-6.  

Next meeting: TBC

Members of the School Council

Year 6

6OH Sidney T, Phoebe A.

6IB   Holly S, Nakai S.

Year 3



3CM Abigail J, Max H.

3KL Amie H, Ayden G.


Year 5

5SW Holly T, Shaye G.

5SR  Evie S , Nathan E.

Year 2

2DC Ashton J, Holly C.

2AB Lola T, Teddy Y.

Year 4

4CW Millie P, Harrison M.

4WR Eylul T, Charlie T.



School's Council Minutes 2017/18 

Name Date  
Minutes 14th November 2017 15th Nov 2017 Download
Minutes 20th February 2018 21st Feb 2018 Download
Minutes 30th January 2018 31st Jan 2018 Download
Minutes 3rd July 2018 16th Jul 2018 Download
Minutes 4th October 2017 4th Oct 2017 Download
Minutes 8th May 2018 10th May 2018 Download