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Name Date Category  
Accessibility 28th Oct 2020Statutory Download
Anti-Bullying 27th Nov 2020Statutory/Web Download
Assessment 4th Dec 2018Policies Download
Attendance and Punctuality 25th Jan 2021Policies Download
Behaviour Policy 1st Oct 2020Statutory/Web Download
Charging and Remissions 13th Nov 2020Statutory/Web Download
Child Protection 12th Oct 2020Statutory Download
Complaints and Procedures 19th Mar 2021Statutory/Web Download
Data Protection 20th Nov 2020Statutory Download
Debt 13th Nov 2020Policies Download
Designated Teacher for looked After Chi... 15th Oct 2020Statutory Download
Determined Admissions Arrangements 20/21 1st Jun 2020Statutory/Web Download
Determined Admissions Arrangements 21/22 14th Oct 2020Statutory/Web Download
Determined Admissions Arrangements 22/23 6th Apr 2021Statutory/Web Download
Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) 27th Nov 2020Statutory Download
Equality Duty Statement 19th Jan 2021Statutory/Web Download
Equality Objectives 19th Jan 2021Statutory/Web Download
Exclusion 15th Oct 2020Statutory Download
Fair Access Protocol - Review Spr 2023 25th Jan 2021Policies Download
Health & Safety 12th Feb 2021Statutory Download
Hirings Lettings 13th May 2020Policies Download
Marking and Feedback 4th Dec 2018Policies Download
No Smoking 2nd Nov 2020Policies Download
Parents/Carers and Visitors Code of Cond... 19th Jan 2021Policies Download
Privacy Notice - For Children Attending... 4th Jun 2018Policies Download
Progress Check Information 20th Oct 2016Preschool Policies Download
PSHE - Relationship and Sex Education 15th Oct 2020Statutory Download
Publication Scheme 2021 27th May 2021Statutory/Web Download
Safeguarding for Schools 8th Jun 2020Policies Download
School SEN Information Report 8th Jun 2021Statutory/Web Download
SEND 8th Jun 2021Statutory Download
Supporting Pupils with Medical Condition... 3rd Dec 2020Statutory Download
Vehicular Access & Parking 2nd Nov 2020Policies Download
Volunteer 26th May 2021Policies Download
Whistleblowing 4th Feb 2021Policies Download