Friends of Flamstead End

The Friends of Flamstead End is a committee which consists of a mixture parents and staff.  Their purpose is to raise money through a variety of events in order to assist with school improvements, or with the purchase of equipment for pupils to use which may not be possible to purchase within the school's budget. 


Past donations:-

  • KS2 outdoor gym equipment set
  • KS1 outdoor classroom .
  • Supporting the school to purchase and keep up to date with ever-changing technology provision.
  • Equipment for the school (e.g. table tennis tables; replenishing/updating school libraries; indoor play games and activities.)




The Friends of Flamstead End hold children’s Discos, Summer and Winter Fairs, Christmas Shopping Days, Special Female and Male gift sales; Magician performances; and other small events each year.



The Friends of Flamstead End rely heavily on the help and support from parents/carers, in addition to the staff and governors of the school.  Without parents/carers helping, or being a part of the Friends of Flamstead End, we cannot run our events. 

If you are interested in helping at any of our events in future, please email us at – you can always pair up with another parent/carer in school if you don’t want to help by yourself. This will not commit you to helping at every event, but rather means we will contact you when we need assistance to find out if you are available.  



You can contact us in a number of ways.


  • Find us in the playground! We have class representatives for each class who will let parents know about upcoming events and answer any questions you may have.  
  • Email us on



Committee Members


Mostafa Gulam, Parent.


Laura Theobald, Parent.   


Leigh Carpenter, Parent.


Michelle Lynch & Laura Boylan, Parents

Classroom Parent Representatives 2019-20

Pre-School - Dawn  
NAM - Kirstie NPM - Laura
RCC - Jade RKL -
1KH  - Michelle 1SF - Hayley
2LW - Melanie 2DC - Stacey
3CW - Kim/Clare 3LM  - Kelly
4CM - Vanda 4CW - Jade
5CS - Angela 5SW - Karen/Kim
6OH - Alison 6SR - Jacqui Lockwood


Events 2019-20

Visit our Calendar or Letters Home  for more information...                         







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