Reception to Year 6

During the Spring term, we will be embarking on a whole school topic based around the circus. To really ignite the children’s imagination and enthuse them for the learning, we arranged a circus skills session for each class during the first week of term.  They had a go at juggling, diablo, plate spinning, flower sticks, pedal pushers and stilt walking. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and not only learned some new skills, but also found themselves having to persevere when it was very tricky.  They all did really well and we hope to build on their resilience throughout the school year.

As well as the exciting activities your children will be doing within their curriculum about the circus, we hope to have a real circus pitch up on our field at the end of the spring term so that the children can all experience a circus show.

This page is designed to inform and showcase the children’s work and will be updated with class-based activities and optional homework…

Classroom Activities

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RKH Clown shapes (1)

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Y1 Circus (1)

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Y5 Class Circus (1)

Year 5

Year 6 Class circus (2)

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Y2 Home Circus (5)

Year 2

Y5 Class Circus (5)

Year 5

KS1 - Optional Homework Projects

Year 1

Optional Homework Y1

 Optional Homework Y2


KS2 - Optional Homework Projects

During this term, pupils will have the opportunity to choose from a range of optional homework projects. The aim of the tasks is to simply enhance the children’s learning and understanding of our curriculum, and give the children an opportunity to share their learning with you.

Pupils may then share these projects during the last week of the term (week commencing 30th March 2020).

Please find a list of suggestions below related to our term themed project of Circus and accompanying projects children may undertake if they wish.

Thank you

KS2 Team


Physical Activity:

  • Master your own circus skill
  • Time how long you can balance objects on different parts of your body/you can balance on an object
  • If the opportunity arises, visit a circus and diarise your experience

Creative Thinking:

  • Compose your own circus-themed music
  • Find/Create/Recreate a poem about the circus
  • Write a job advertisement for a circus performer
  • Create a circus model using Lego (or any other construction tool)
  • Create an advertisement for a travelling circus coming to your town.

Arts and Crafts:

  • Design or make a new piece of equipment that could be used in the circus
  • Design and sew your own miniature circus performance costume
  • Design and create circus themed puppet
  • Have a go at creating your own Big Top Tent
  • Create a collage of all things to do with the circus
  • Re-create a piece of Art work related to the circus (any medium).


On the computer:

  • Use Minecraft (or another digital format) to create your own circus
  • Any design work can be done on the computer too!
  • Research a famous person from the circus culture, create a character profile (on your computer software) about them and why they are important to the history of Circus. E.g. PT Barnum, Billy Smart or any other of your choice

Logical thinking:

  • Show your understanding of how the different senses could be apparent in a circus
  • Research how much it costs to visit a modern day circus
  • Find out how much money you could make if you ran your own circus, including a breakdown of costs and revenues
  • Make a timeline of the circus
  • Produce a biography about a famous circus star i.e. Guiseppe Chiarini