Determined Admission Arrangements 2019/2020

Determined Admission Arrangements 2020/2021

Our full admissions page is currently being updated, please contact the office with any questions.


Reception Admissions September 2020 - See all important dates:

Contact the office to arrange a tour.


In Year Admissions - The school is part of the county council’s coordinated In Year admissions scheme. Applications can be accessed via and further information can be obtained from the Customer Service Centre, 0300 123 4043.


Secondary Admissions  See all important dates:


Pre-School - September 2019  Pre-School admissions for Free Early Education and fee paid places for children born 01/09/16 to 31/08/17.  For more information please click here or to apply click here.


Nursery and Pre-School 2020

Information regarding admissions to our Pre-School and Nursery is currently being updated. Tours will be available to book via the office from January 2020.