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Dot spent the Easter holidays with Mrs Palmer. She said he was very well behaved only making a lot of noise if the local wood pigeons dared to land in his garden.... Dot has now returned to school, he is enjoying the good weather splashing about in his pool.

April 2018

Duck's holiday (4) Duck's holiday (6)

Dot has been enjoying the recent good weather.  Although, typical of a duck, he likes nothing better than paddling around in the mud, which he was able to do after the recent rain. Some of you might have noticed Spot is no longer living with Dot. She has left to live on the farm (she really has) so she can be with lots of other female ducks and enjoy all the chatter that goes on there.  

June 2017

Dot (4) Dot (2)

Spot and Dot spent a quiet Christmas. Although, Spot injured one of her legs and had to be separated from Dot as she couldn't walk. Mrs Palmer had to take her home to keep her warm and kept an eye on her until her condition improved. We are glad to say she has now been reunited with Dot and she appears to be much better. Although, she still has a slight limp, so don’t worry children we are keeping a close eye on her.


Spot and Dot 9.1.17 2 Spot and Dot 9.1.17 1

Spot and Dot are getting involved in the preparations for the Mayor's visit too.


Brox in Bloom Spot and Dot (1) Brox in Bloom Spot and Dot (4)

Look Who Came to Tea!

Spot and Dot enjoyed being part of the Queen's picnic. 


Dot and Spot Queen's 90th (600 x 410)  

Spot and Dot enjoy acting as lawnmowers, don't think they realise that that doesn't include digging so many holes though!


Resized Ducks Easter Hols 2016 (2) Resized Ducks Easter Hols 2016 (1)

Spot and Dot are looking forward to the Easter holidays. They were so impressed with Nursery's Easter bonnet parade that they wanted to join in too. 


Spot And Dot at Easter (600 x 439)  

Spot and Dot have been spending their time quietly munching through lots of fresh vegetables.  Today their menu included a lettuce and a large head of broccoli.  They especially enjoy the lettuce which they like to shred and then dip into their water bath before eating.  They don't seem to mind the cold weather at all.  Ducks have a very clever circulation system called a 'counter-current heat exchange' which means the cold blood from their feet goes very close to warm blood coming down to their feet  therefore heat is exchanged which keeps them warm.  So we don't have to worry when the weather gets chilly. 


Spot and Dot 22.1 (2) Spot and Dot 22.1 (5)

Spot and Dot having fun waddling around in the mud.  Perfect weather for ducks!! 


Muddy Ducks (2) Muddy Ducks (1)

Spot and Dot have been posing for their portraits this week. Year 2 children observed them and then used white charcoal pencils to draw their images on black paper. 


Spot and Dot 16.10 (336 x 450)

Spot and Dot would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Palmer's Dad and Uncle, for constructing a new fence which will allow them more room to move around during the day.   


Duck fence (4) Duck fence (6)

Spot has been busy all week laying eggs.  So far she has managed to lay one a day.  A female can lay over 100 eggs per year, usually in the morning.  If the eggs were left in her nest she would start to incubate them once she has a clutch of between 8 and 12. The eggs are a greenish white colour which is typical of the breed (Aylesbury).  The yolk is a bright orange colour and the white is much firmer than a chicken's egg, which apparently makes the perfect meringues!   We have it on good authority that they taste good too! 


Spot and Dot egg in nest 02 (2)

Spot and Dot egg in nest 02 (4)

Breaking News!!  Spot has laid her first eggs!!  Mrs Palmer made a surprise discovery today when she was cleaning Spot and Dot's bedding.  Two small light blue eggs were tucked carefully in the straw.  They looked a bit dirty but apart from that they were perfect. 


Spot and Dot 1st Eggs (2) Spot and Dot 1st Eggs (4)  

Spot and Dot take part in their weekly clean up.  They especially enjoy their shower with the hose.  Mrs Palmer gets to do all the hard work though.


Dot copy Spot and Dot 18 (5)

Welcome back to Spot and Dot after their summer break.  The pair have been enjoying the attention from children during their breaks.  They have also been seen rummaging around their coop familiarising themselves with their surroundings. 


Spot and Dot 11 (5) Spot and Dot 11 (1)

Spot and Dot are looking forward to the new term at school.  They spent a wonderful summer at home with a member of staff.  They were mostly well behaved but they did enjoy digging holes in the lawn with their beaks and Spot enjoyed hopping while flapping her wings ready for ‘flight’. 

Although, most domestic ducks have been bred so that their bodies are too heavy and wings too small to support flying, this makes Spot's ‘flight’ more like wing–assisted jumping.


Ducks on holiday (15) Ducks on holiday (17)

Spot and Dot are gathering all their things together to spend the summer with a member of staff.  They will be at home with the mini coop that FOFE kindly supplied, they also have a carry case and storage unit for all their belongings.  Lets hope they are well behaved.   


Spot and Dot 17 (2) Spot and Dot 17 (5)

Spot and Dot enjoying their new deeper water bath. 


Spot and Dot 03 (2) Spot and Dot 03 (5)

Spot and Dot would like to say a big thank you to the FOFE for the donation of £475 they gave to buy a mini home/carry case and storage unit.  This will enable a member of staff to take them home and care for them during the holidays.  We would also like to remind children not to put things through the cage as this frightens the ducks. 


Spot and Dot 26 (1) Spot and Dot 26 (3)

Over the last week we have been carefully listening to Spot and Dot’s voices.  Dot has a loud and clear quack that can easily drown out Spot’s. Spot has a softer quack which sounds a little like the cluck of a chicken. The difference in voices suggests that Dot is a male and Spot is a female.  Only time will tell…..

There has also been some changes to their home with fresh bark and a new, larger feeding station.  Thank you FOFE for the purchase of the feeder. 


Spot and Dot 19.06 (1) Spot and Dot 19.06 (4)

Spot and Dot are enjoying all the attention they receive from the children during their playtimes.  Their coats are getting thicker and their beaks are more like adult ducks now. 


Spot and Dot 12.6 (1) Spot and Dot 12.6 (5)

Spot and Dot had a lovely weekend spent with a member of staff in a specially constructed run, enjoying the good weather and taking the occasional cooling dip.


Spot and Dot weekend break (3) Spot and Dot weekend break (2)

Spot and Dot are busy exploring their new home.


Spot and Dot 05.06 (1) Spot and Dot 05.06 (2)
Ducks outside (1) Ducks outside (3) Ducks outside (4)

Spot and Dot have grown enough during their half term break to  take up residence in our new duck and chicken coop.



chicken coop (448 x 600)

Spot and Dot enjoy the sunshine.


Spot and Dot sunshine (1) Spot and Dot sunshine (3)

Spot and Dot take their first dip.


ducklings 15.05 (4) Ducklings swimming (2)
Duckling (1) Duckling (2) Duckling (3)

duckling (600 x 450)

ducks (1) ducks (2)

New arrivals


eggs 1 eggs (600 x 450)