Core Values


I have spent this term looking at resilience and the blob tree in assemblies. I have shared my journey in learning to juggle with the children, my frustration and my victories, all of the time referring to the blob tree or the learning pit. 


So far we have read the story 'the dot' and have spoken about the Brownlee brothers and how one brother help the other in a time of need to realise his dream.

Please note we advise that you watch the folowing with your child as we are not sure of every households internet settings and parental locks.

Both stories illustrate grit and determination as well as our ability to help others and our need to be supported when we are finding things tricky.
Maybe you could use the blob tree at home when you are talking to your children about how they are feeling.
Mrs Dalton,
Head Teacher.


During assemblies with Mrs Dalton we have been revisiting the core values at Flamstead End school. We have used the stories to help us think about and discuss the core values.

Perhaps you can read them again and discuss them at home with your family...

trust cog

A story about breaking someone's TRUST

A story about TRUST

Equity cog

A story about EQUITY

A true story about EQUITY

team work cog