Year 6

Mrs Isla Buckle, Mr Oliver Hembrough

Summer 2018 Curriculum Coverage

Round 1 Spelling Competition

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In maths children will be assessed against criteria based upon age related expectations. Please find below the age related expectations for a child in Year 6. For more information click here.

The Year 6 Learner - Maths

The Year 6 Reader

The Year 6 Writer

Spelling Expectations Year 6 Common Exception Words

Year 6 have been working hard over the last few weeks familiarising themselves with the features of different writing genres. They were challenged to produce 3 short extracts all written in different genres about the same scenario.  Below are two examples of this work:

Year 6 Example 1

Year 6 Example 2


In Design Technology we have been learning about the bread making process. The children researched and baked their own recipes and these are some of the results of our budding Year 6 bakers. Watch out Paul Hollywood!

Year 6 Bread (1) (600 x 448)


Year 6 Bread (2) (600 x 588)

Rye Bread

Year 6 Bread (3) (600 x 341)

White Baguette

Year 6 Bread (4) (600 x 560)

Sour Dough Bread

Year 6 Bread (5) (600 x 529)

Tiger Bread

Year 6 Bread (6) (600 x 525)

Bread with Olives and Sun Dried Tomatoes

Year 6 Geography.

In Geography this term the children were asked to design a new entertainment centre for Cheshunt and make a presentation to their class.Here are some examples of the posters they used to promote their ideas.

IMG_1574 (600 x 298) IMG_1588 (600 x 304)
IMG_1598 (600 x 448) IMG_1592 (600 x 448) IMG_1578 (448 x 600)

More Year 6 Displays

Year 6.6 6IS Maths (600 x 448)