Year 2

Miss Dawn Clayden and Mrs Annette Chiazza (Maternity Leave) Mrs Clare Vincent



Class Activities...

In Science we have been observing our beans and completing our 'Bean diary'.

Year 2 03 (2)

In D&T we have been creating flowers from fabric and using our sewing skills to make these wonderful samplers.

Year 2 03 (1)


Year 2 took part in a brilliant history workshop about Florence Nightingale on Tuesday 24th January.They enjoyed the day exploring and handling artefacts that Florence Nightingale and her nurses would have taken with them to the Crimean War.  The children took part in role-play, where they pretended to be working in Scutari Hospital, using props.  Click on the image below to see more images...


FN Workshop Y2 (1)



If your child is an enthusiastic learner or they simply love a challenge then point them towards these optional extra termly homework. They can attempt as many of them as they like and take as long as they need to complete them. The class teachers will run a termly year group celebration assembly where we'll showcase and celebrate their efforts! 

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Y2 optional homework (600 x 420)

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Summer 2019 Curriculum Coverage

Round 5 Spelling Competition

In maths children will be assessed against criteria based upon age related expectations. Please find below the age related expectations for a child in Year 2. For more information click here.

The Year 2 Learner - Maths

The Year 2 Reader

The Year 2 Writer

Spelling Expectations Year 2 Common Exception Words

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